Civic Education in Ukraine


EdCamp Ukraine

In EdCamp, innovative global educational movement, Ukrainian community is the biggest one outside of the USA. EdCamp Ukraine is not only the platform for united growth and exchange of educators’ experience, it is also the driver of education reform at the state level and the tool for regional professional communities development.


Marketing Made Simple
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NGO “Centre for innovation and sustainability for international development”

NGO CISID was created regarding conflict on the East of Ukraine. It focuses on education, reintegration of Donbass region, and systematic development.

NGO “Vidchui”

NGO “Vidchui” was created in 2011 to support people with hearing problems.

Centre of Social Partnership

Regional NGO “Center of Social Partnership” focuses on the improvement of life quality for Ukrainian people. The accomplishment of Center’s mission is tightly connected with cultural, social, and economic development as well as ecological security. CSP is ready for cooperation with regional representatives of the government, trade unions, youth, non governmental and charitable organizations that want to stimulate deep democratic changes in Ukraine.

Media-Patriots School

Media-Patriots School is a civil association that focuses on professional and expert development of social projects and civil initiatives for the development of information space in Ukraine.

NGO “Social Capital”

NGO focuses on the development of social capital in particular communities through creation and managing of the culture events, creative industries and event-tourism in Ukraine.

Resource Center Hurt – OUM data partner

Hurt is a national centre of public data and expertise. Its team has been taking part in the development of the civil society since 1995.

Roll N Code

IT-company Roll’n’ Code has a long successful history of projects’ implementation, constant development and improvement of the team that is young, experienced, and innovative. We try to respond quickly to need of business even before there is a demand for it (NB). Pure delight from the process and results of projects’ implementation is a key element of company’s success. Roll’N’Code provides a wide range of IT-services such as coding, design and web development based on the western standards of work.

Додаткову інформацію про компанію та продукти Майкрософт можна знайти на веб-серверах Microsoft: Microsoft® є товарним знаком Microsoft Corporation, що охороняється в США і/або інших країнах. Інші назви продуктів і компаній, що згадуються в даному документі, можуть бути товарними знаками відповідних власників.

Заснована у 1975 році корпорація Microsoft є визнаним світовим лідером у галузі розробки програмного забезпечення, а також у наданні послуг та рішень, які допомагають людям та компаніям повністю реалізувати свій потенціал. З 2003 року в Україні діє компанія «Майкрософт Україна», до завдань якої входить розвиток ринку програмного забезпечення та просування продуктів Microsoft, підтримка партнерів та замовників, а також локалізація новітніх технологій корпорації та реалізація соціальних проектів на території України.

European Endowment for Democracy

EED performs its activity in flexible and efficient way prioritizing grantees’ needs. The foundation regularly consults with institutions of the EU to make process of more organized and coordinated to maximize total benefits of cooperation with the EU institutes and coordination between its members. EED applies experience of the EU countries that have already lived through the transitional periods.