Civic Education in Ukraine


NGO “Harmony”

NGO “Harmony” is Vinnytsia Regional Organization for young with disabilities was founded on 18 March 2002 having successful experience in the implementation of social programs and projects in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia Region concerning social adaptation of the young disabled people.

Institute of Leadership and Management UKU

This is a noncommercial educational platform for leaders of NGOs, communities and young people. Institution’s mission is to constitute civil society by educating leaders of nonprofit organizations’ and preachers on the foundation of moral principles.

NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists”

NGO CCA develops the network of cultural activism and supports the achievement of particular aims throughout the implementation of interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with regional groups of activists. We create conditions for the intensification of positive changes within the cultural sphere.

NGO “Strong Community”

NGO promotes forum-theatre methodology popular, implements social projects in the sphere of non-formal education and personal development as well as organizes educational transfers.

CF “Young Community”

The foundation focuses on development of communities, social investment and entrepreneurship with implementation of modern technologies, especially Civil Society app.

Herson Regional Charitable Organization “Union”

Herson Regional Charitable Organization “Union” was created in 2011 to support democratic changes in Ukraine. The organization applies modern media technologies that enable the creation of a platform for socially active people that are ready to change and transform the surroundings with positive initiatives.