Civic Education in Ukraine

About us

Open University of Maidan is an All-Ukrainian public education movement that has emerged during the Revolution of Dignity on Maidan in 2013-2014s. Today, it is a public organization located in Kyiv with 22 regional departments. It creates and develops new formats of non-formal education and self-education that are available for everyone. OUM is a platform for expression of new ideas concerning future of our country, civil society formation, and development of civil competitions.

Active representatives, workers, graduates, and teachers of Kyiv business schools implemented their vision of education on Maidan. It all started with lectures and education on the open stage on the Independence Square. This format was extremely effective and united more than 50,000 Kyiv dwellers and representatives of different regions of Ukraine. OUM organized and held 295 open lectures in December 2013 uniting from 30 to 700 people each time.

Our Mission: We believe that civic education is in fact the only way for qualitative transformations in society.

Networking is the creation of conditions for activists in local communities to communicate, unite and collaborate through ideas, initiatives and projects.

Social action projects are the activation of communities through social action to change the social, cultural, economic situation and sustainable development of local and global communities.

Our Vision: to become a leader in the field of civic education in Ukraine, a well-developed and successful country with a strong civil society and a critical mass of active citizens.

Our Values:

  • Cooperation
  • Make decisions that design future
  • Open to innovations
  • Focus on result
  • Respectful Treatment
  • Creative thinking
  • Staying active

Our Key Principles:

  • We are concerned about open education
  • We are non-political
  • We are open to changes
  • We appreciate various views
  • We believe in leadership-in-action
  • We support the ideas of constant development