Civic Education in Ukraine


Kyiv Business School

KBS has been successfully fulfilling educational projects since 1999. Its programs prioritize innovation and practical application of gained knowledge. Such an approach allows students to develop critical skills of project management, team-work, and soft skills within individual and group projects. Education programs are unique and focus on trouble-shooting practice that is quite instrumental in the crisis situations.


NIKO is a group of companies that has been participating on the Ukrainian market since 1991 The enterprise focuses on car distribution (under Mobil brand); retail trade ( dealer network “NIKO” runs 15 dealer centers of suc well-known brands as Audi, Citroёn, Fiat, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Subaru, Suzuki, KTM, and Yamaha); financial operation; logistical, custom, and storage services and social responsibility.

Lviv Business School

LvBS develops an open and responsible (NB conscientious) business-community maintaining its activity on the basis of European values and approaches. Their(NB) goal is all about facilitation of development of visionaries that are ready to participate proactively in constitution of the Ukrainian business system (NB ecosystem) always seeing bigger picture of the issue.

Ukrainian Center of Mediation

Mediation is a method of dispute-solving which employs/uses a special mediator to help the parties of the conflict to establish the communication process for the production of a decision beneficial for both sides. Still, mediation is out of the arbitration or court scope, as interlocutors find a common decision without mediator’s straight persuasion.

Kyiv Mohyla Business School

KMBS is a school for leaders that focus on actual changes in their enterprises, counties, and worldwide. It was founded in 1999 in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy that is one of the oldest universities of Eastern Ukraine. KMBS is well-known in tin the community of business-education and entrepreneurship as innovative school for representatives of administrative elite

Kyiv School of Economics

KSE was founded in 1996 by EERC as an international educational institution in Ukraine and abroad. KSE is one of the best school in Central and Eastern Europe, that teaches future generations of world known economists. As a result, KSE activity supports the development of economy, business and economic politics in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. KSE implements its educational politics via support of the Swedish government.

New Country

Civic platform New Country is a NGO that aims at thedevelopment and implementation of reforms in Ukraine. New Country focuses on the united vision of the future, common values,  clear view on the economy, critical and demanding attitude towards government, will and ability to make decisions together.


Microsoft Corporation was created in 1975 and is a worldwide leader in the sphere of software development as well as the provision of services that help people and companies to fulfil their potential. The representative office of Microsoft operates in Ukraine from 2003. It develops software market and supports promotion of the Microsoft products, partners and customers, localization and implementation of social projects on the territory of Ukraine. Microsoft® is a trademark of MIcrosoft Corporation and is protected in the USA and /or other countries.

UNGO “Youth Platform”

Unity of NGOs “Youth Platform” is an independant unity of Volyn regional organizations that act to coordinate actions of young people within the community.


Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine. Plast focuses on comprehensive patriotic education and self education of the young on the basis of Christian morality.