Про університет Наша команда Осередки ВУМ


Open University of Maidan (VUM) – is the all-Ukrainian civic education movement, which was created at times of the Revolution of Dignity – at Maidan in December 2013. Today it exists in a form of the civic society organization, headquartered in Kyiv, with 21 regional branches. The main activities of VUM are to create and develop various informal education formats and self-education tools accessible for each and every Ukrainian citizen. And more, VUM continues to play the role of a platform: to share thoughts about Ukrainian future, to form pro-active civic society, to develop personal informal education and to introduce change projects related to the society and state authorities.

The idea of education during Maidan peaceful protest was implemented by several groups of initiators – mainly alumni, faculty and staff from Kyiv business schools. It started from the open-air lectures at the scene near Lyadsky Gate at Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv. Only in December 2013 there were 395 public events conducted, that gathered from 30 to 700 particiants. In that times, nearly 50 thousands of Kyivans and people from other cities became the first VUM “students”.

Our MISSION: “Revolution is not only for the streets and squares, but also for the people’s heads and minds”. The idea behind it is to help people to understand what is going on in Ukraine and how it would impact the future changes in the world.

Our VISION: All-Ukrainian educational movement, which spreads ideas of responsible civic society and sustainable development, thus supporting development of civic society in Ukraine through informal education. As well, it familiarizes interested citizens of other countries with the phenomenon of social interaction at Maidan and contemporary transformation processes in Ukrainian state, economy and society.

We are oriented to help every Ukrainian citizen to answer to key questions:
– What is my place in this world?
– What kind of activity brings the most of satisfaction to me? What is the deed of my life?

The main task of VUM is to support individual personal development through civic education and self – education, develop entrepreneurial features and skills, develop communities through social projects (internal and external) and support building a society based on the principles of direct democracy and responsibility in Ukraine.

VUM Values:

– Cooperation
– Solutions oriented for future
– Openness for new things
– Effectiveness
– Dignity
– Out-of-the-box thinking
– Proactivity

VUM Principles:

– We care about availability of the knowledge
– We developing citizens, not member of any party
– We are open for changes
– We respect different opinions
– We conduct leadership in action
– We support ideas of sustained development

You can find several things on this site:
– always up-to-date schedule of VUM. Welcome to our lectures!
– information about our activities and different projects we are involved in.
– archive of lectures and material of Open University of maidan.

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