Громадянська освіта в Україні

Political Ideologies: how to fit the political spectrum into place

We have created this course to help our listeners to figure out what is the essence behind political parties and spectrum. Our experts explain the basics of the ideology, its key aspects: what is being left or right, conservative or libertarian, who are populists and extremists.   

The course helps you to analyze politicians’ actions, promises and mottos before the Presidential and Parliament Elections adequately. What are the ideologies and what are the motives of the political powers that we know?   

Watch out! The conclusions you get may be frightful.    

We need to understand who is who. What is different and what is common in political parties and movements? What are the ideological differences between them, and can they form political alliances? Once per 4-5 years, we vote for candidates, so we ought to understand the consequences of our choices and analyze critically political promises we hear. We should realize your voice is not for sale as it is about values.   

The course is in Ukrainian. It is free-of-charge and available for everyone.      

Course creation was supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Ukraine Kharkiv Office.