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The first experience of the Open University of Maidan (OUM) activities helped us to make several important conclusions. First of all, our team should apply different approaches and observe the issues from different perspectives to implement changes as it is hard to realize what will be needed in the process, what programs should be outlined and how to establish a systematic approach in one’s studying. Gained experience supported us in our decision to create “Concerned Activist’s School” educational program. This school is the result of facilitators', psychologists', activists', and leaders’ work. Implementing the experience of 26 events we had held all over Ukraine, we transformed the School into a branch of massive open online courses that provide a balanced and comprehensive base of knowledge about public activism, have straight structure and deliver simple and precise messages.
It is extremely crucial that “Concerned Activist’s School” as many other complex programs by the OUM is always changing and adopting concerning demands of the society and patterns of its development. But how does it actually works? If you are interested in one of our massive open online courses and sign up for it, our platform automatically signs you up for all the online courses of this program. Complex programs require not only the successful ending of the particular online courses but final assignment completing. When you end the course you may get your Certificate. This part contains complex solutions of the issues in the civil society sphere. The main objective of the complex programs is to help us with an efficient understanding of the courses and experts effectiveness in answering complicated questions that are on your list. Topics of our courses may correlate with your particular problems and may be instrumental in the troubleshooting process. The platform creates new opportunities for those responsible and active members of the communities who are ready to change themselves and their communities. Choose your program now and enjoy the education process on the OUM!

Sociologists say that 60% of adults in Ukraine in 2018 have not read any books. Some people think that it is a terrible situation and fall of the cultural level. For others, it is a challenge and possibilities to work with the huge audience that should be attracted to the literature perception and consumption.
  • What are successful literary projects in our realities?
  • What if the library has no visitors?
  • How a publishing house can attract money?
  • Is it possible to combine creativity, expenses and rational things?
For this course we have invited professionals who know the answers to these questions and are happy to share with you. Throughout the course "Literary Management: Expenses and Muses", the experts from the project and grant management, publishing, marketing communications and cultural innovation spheres will share with you their own knowledge and experience, teach you how to create and manage successful literary and publishing projects in your community, tell about the resources and opportunities that are available to expand your sector. The course is in Ukrainian and free of charge.
The Open University of Maidan and Klaudia Shevelyuk, the founder of the Responsible Future initiative and sustainable development consultant, created a course “Sustainable development: a new philosophy of thinking”. UNDP in Ukraine recommends the course for studying and supports its promotion.    The expert emphasizes the following issues in the course:  
  •  Sustainable Development and its core principles;  
  •  The philosophical concept of Sustainable Thinking;  
  •  Who are the stakeholders of the Sustainable Development, what are their goals and values;  
  •  17 Sustainable Development Goals by UN, agendas till 2030 and Ukrainian plan to achieve these goals;  
  •  Application of the knowledge about Sustainable Development in practice.  
The course is for those who are not ready to be idle witnesses of the vastest changes on the planet. It is for those who want to think, plan and act understanding these changes.    The course is free-of-charge and available for everyone. 
While developing this complex program, we aimed to overcome the stereotypes that are quite popular in our society. Many people may think like “Government will take care of my retirement”. But this is the wrong approach. Everyone should take responsibility for individual financial situation and its future development. At the moment we offer the following courses in the program:
  • Basics of Personal and Family Budget
  • Credits for non-professional
  • Financial Support of Management
These courses cover the basic aspects of financial management at the personal and institutional levels. All courses included in this program are freely available.
The Conscious Citizen School is a complex program of civic education launched by the founders of the Open University of Maidan and the Dialogue on Maidan initiative in January-February 2014. The purpose of this program is the formation of proactive civil society in the Ukrainian regions: assistance to local activists in search ideas and formation of teams that will realize different projects in their communities to change the situation for the better. The program comprises 10 courses and covers various aspects of the development at the personal and institutional levels. All the courses are freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course is developed to help companies effectively form and strengthen their team. Respect for human rights, equality in the workplace, non-discrimination is an important factor that can be used as strong motivation. Such approaches have been implemented by international companies and can easily be mastered by Ukrainians. The course shows how to create an atmosphere of trust and respect for the work team and resolve conflicts that are provoked by misunderstandings and stereotypes. The course helps participants develop a policy of equality for their business and learn how to use non-monetary motivation methods. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course is useful for those who think about their future and the future of their projects and organizations. It is for those who develop strategies or plan to create them; for those who understand that the effective strategy planning requires the ability to see and even predict the future. This course does not focus on explanation of the strategic planning process. It shows the algorithm and key principles of effective strategic thinking, allows to test themselves (by performing a series of tests that measure the principal skills and abilities). After finishing the course, a person will clearly understand what one should do and where to start the strategic planning. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Ukraine is a country with various opportunities. But sometimes we do not see them or do not believe that it's really possible to do something useful and interesting. In addition, we are mostly concerned that financial resources are instrumental for a successful project. But is money so important?  In fact, the most significant resource we have available is the ability of people to unite around ideas and implement them in real life. During the course, successful cases and social projects are considered. It is practical experience on how Ukrainian communities are successfully developing their cities and towns without huge investments and state assistance. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
What can we do to motivate people to change their behavior, to get rid of bad habits or try to do something useful for society? Asking this, we don’t mean psychology or personal effectiveness and goal achievement. We mean social problems and the possibility to resolve them using traditional marketing. This course is addressed to activists, NGO staff, representatives of civil society, all those who try to influence social behavior and want to change the country for the better. It clearly demonstrates that the standard approaches of commercial marketing can work effectively in the social area. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
It is not a secret that money problems may destroy relationships and therefore the spending money process must be taken under control. This course is useful for young married couples who want to control their money and learn how to save it. It includes practical recommendations that can be used in Ukrainian realities and explains how family budget management helps to achieve life goals and fulfill dreams. One of the questions that considered in the course is how to negotiate about money in relationships and plan the budget together. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
«Human rights» is the topic that was under active discussion during the Revolution of Dignity that took place in Ukraine in February 2014. Ukraine received a chance to build a democratic country where human rights are respected. An integral part of this process is legal education. A person who knows one's rights is no longer defenseless. This course is for those who want to discover legal standards, to learn the values that lie in the international human rights system, and understand the significance of human rights in the transformation of modern Ukraine. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.