Civic Education in Ukraine


22 October 2019

VUM online has started a collaboration with the online resource Crello

The civic education platform VUM online has started collaborating with the online resource Crello. Crello is the easiest tool for non-designers to create HD videos, animations, and graphic design online.

It was launched in 2017 and now has about 2 million registered users creating more than 20 million designs using the editor. Crello has thousands of static, video, and animated templates in 46 formats for social networking, blogging, advertising and print.

Opportunities for NGOs

Crello has a special program for all nonprofit organizations, including eco-initiatives. These organizations can access the online editor for free and create informative and compelling posters and design materials to bring the importance of eco-protection programs to even more people.

For more information about working with Crello, contact the project team.

For VUM online, collaboration with Crello is an opportunity to find new ideas, get the support of professionals and make cool and creative designs.

We thank the Crello team for the opportunity!