Civic Education in Ukraine


1 October 2020

VUM online – 5 years on the market!

5 years have been passing today since the distance civic education platform started its way in the educational and information space of Ukraine. The platform appeared as an attempt to find the answer: “What is needed for Ukrainian society to be successful not only in building barricades and wars against tyrants, but also in building sustainable and effective institutions, building its personal civic brand and communities, building the successful country? ». And these 5 years, our team has invested its energy so that the sacrifice made by Ukrainians during the Revolution of Dignity was not in vain. And the answer to the question is civic competence.

We have nothing to brag about, because numerical metrics are a very subjective thing. The question of what we measure and what is the ruler.

The fact is that more than 82,000 people have studied or continue to acquire knowledge in more than 70 distance learning courses. These courses became possible due to the openness and willingness to share knowledge, experience of more than 150 excellent lecturers, experts, practitioners, representatives of various professional communities. And almost 38 thousand certificates received. It is a recognition of the relevance and importance of the work we all do together.

We consciously focused on civic education and we try to help everyone to get knowledge and to form civic competencies. Because today, these competencies are the key to the successful future of Ukraine.

We thank the team / lecturers, experts / supervisory board that we continue to work and bring civic education to the general public. And there may come a time when civic education will be seen as the key to a successful future not only by civic institutions and leaders, but also by state or local government institutions. To be continued…

Ostap Stasiv,

Founder of VUM online