Civic Education in Ukraine


1 October 2019

VUM online – we are 4 years old!

Today, October 1, 2019 – 4 years as the VUM online – civic education platform – has been accessible to every citizen in every corner of our country. The internet is an incredible invention that has made the breakthrough for centuries. The Open University of Maidan (the NGO OUM) has provided an opportunity for anyone interested to apply knowledge through distance learning courses and to build civic competences within themselves or in their communities.

Now, by typing on your smartphone / computer (connected to the Internet), you can choose from 60 distance courses and programs, become one of the nearly 50,000 platform students, and join 16,000 certified graduates.

We thank our users who studying on VUM online. We thank those who teach and make a strong contribution to the development of civil society in Ukraine. We thank the project team, the Supervisory Board of NGO OUM, friends and colleagues who helped us to realize this ambitious dream.

But it is not time to rest, because the main challenges lie ahead. And we need critically-minded, informed citizens who are able to understand and unite for the common interest.

Stay with us and follow our announcements. We are preparing many important distance courses and trying to implement an effective system of blended learning.