Civic Education in Ukraine


22 February 2019

“School of Effective Thinking” – A New Complex Program on VUM online 

This week, the new integrated program – “School of Effective Thinking” – was launched on the VUM Online platform. 

Cognition is an incredible human skill. People develop, evolve and solve various problems, deal with challenges. 

Does brain work differently? 

Imagine a situation where a supercomputer is given to different people. They will use it within their own skills and understanding. Some will browse the net or Skype with their friends. Some will play games, some will use office programs, and some will code, trade or mine cryptocurrency. The same device can be used differently. We use the brain pretty the same way. It is proved that thinking skills (effective use of the brain) can be developed. 

When we talk about developing thinking skills, it is important to remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” thinking. The thinking process can be logical, analytical, critical, abstract and creative. It can be comprehensive and flexible. That are you thinking and that makes it unique.  

Our complex program “School of Effective Thinking” provides you with opportunities for various thinking skills training. The program consists of the courses: 

  • “Creative thinking” – this course is about how to think creatively, look for out-of-the-box sollutions, create new valuable ideas. 
  • “Introduction to critical thinking” – the course is about the perception of situations and circumstances as they are, critically perceive the information received, not to be subjected to manipulation. 
  • “Strategic thinking” – this course is about seeing the window of opportunities, catching the trend and being in the right place and time. 
  • “Integral dynamics. Evolution of thinking, leadership, economics, and politics” – this is an effective model of the evolution of thinking, leadership and management that describes the development of psychosocial systems of various aspects: people, companies, humanity. 
  • “Sustainable development: a new philosophy of thinking” – this course is about how to not lose our planet, to think at the level that technologies and human activities can harm biosphere, as their influence is becoming irreversible in the 21st century.  

 Courses are in Ukrainian or Russian. They are freely available and open to everyone.