Civic Education in Ukraine


28 August 2019

PRO-100 Matrix is a tool for President’s actions evaluation for the first 100 days

The civic education platform VUM online, in collaboration with the information and analytics portal Slovo i Dilo, decided to check the hypothesis that the first 100 days of President V. Zelensky’s activity will help the society to assess his work and give us all the idea of what should we expect in the nearest future.  In reality, it is difficult even for the experts working in this field to make the analysis and come up with balanced conclusions in a huge flow of information. We have launched the tool “PRO-100 Matrix” to solve the issue. This is a simplified model that summarizes and helps to see the real situation in the political landscape of the country as well as experts’ retrospective of the actions – 

From June 11 to August 28, the Open University of Maidan team, Slovo i Dilo and the expert group analyzed the resonant decisions of President V. Zelensky to assess their legitimacy and popularity. The project’s chief expert was the expert on constitutional l law – Bogdan Bondarenko.

We studied the laws, decrees and law-in-drafts of the President. They all had provoked active discussion in the society and / or were attention-worthy from the expert’s point of view. Each point in the matrix indicates a separate law, decree, or law-in-draft. The location of a particular point on the map was determined by the expert team. The initiative group is aware that the PRO-100 matrix is ​​a subjective view of the situation.

Results of the project: 

  • The first 100 days did not give a clear understanding of what should be expected in the future from President V. Zelenskiy ‘s actions. His initiatives include some right steps, positive initiatives, as well as mistakes, unpopular decisions and activities where legality is ambiguous.
  • There is no the clear strategy and at least we have an impression that there is a lack of strategical thinking in both: specific issues and in general.
  • Unfortunately, there is the risk of an unprofessional government management.

For the first time in its history, Ukraine has got a situation where the power is concentrated in one political power. At the same time, the leader of this political party is the President of the country.

Starting from 29.08.2019, the PRO-100 Matrix tool will not be updated. The updated format – PRO-100 Matrix – 2: President + Parliament will be launched in early September. Follow the updates at:

The project initiative group: 

Kateryna Pytenina – Editor-in-Chief of Slovo i Dilo,
Ostap Stasiv – Project Coordinator of the Open University of Maidan,
Bogdan Bondarenko- expert on constitutional law,
Iryna Kashina – marketing manager of VUM online,

The tool “PRO-100 Matrix” is implemented only in Ukrainian. If the detailed information in English is required, please contact us.