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4 December 2019

PRO-100 Matrix – 2: President + Parliament

On August 29, 2019, the new Ukrainian Parliament has started to work. The Presidential Party has a significant advantage in the number of seats received. Considering the idea that after the elections, Ukrainians will have more attention to politicians, the civic education platform VUM online and the information and analytical portal “Slovo i Dilo” have developed the tool – “PRO-100 Matrix – 2: President + Parliament”. This is the simplified model, which was intended to generalize the facts and help to see the real situation –

From August 29 to December 7, the NGO OUM teams, “Slovo i Dilo” and the expert group analyzed the resonant decisions and initiatives of the President V. Zelensky, as well as laws adopted by the Parliament. There were the following criteria: legality, constitutionality and popularity. The project’s chief expert was the expert on constitutional l law – Bogdan Bondarenko.


Here there were considered the laws, decrees and initiatives of the President which provoked active discussion in the society and / or were worthy of expert attention. Each point in the matrix indicates the certain initiative, law or decree.










The Verkhovna Rada is the only legislative body of state power of Ukraine. This part of the matrix does not have the criterion “Legal”. Parliament is obliged to adopt bills that do not conflict with the Constitution of Ukraine. The criterion “Constitutional” was investigated here.

The ‘PRO-100 Matrix -2: Parliament’ included only bills/laws that were adopted as a whole and actively discussed in society and / or worthy of attention. Each point represents the certain bill passed by Parliament.

The location of a particular point on the map was determined by the expert team. The initiative group is aware that the “PRO-100 matrix – 2” is ​​a subjective view of the situation.

Results of the project:

  • Both the first 100 days of the presidency and the next 100 days, when the President already had a parliamentary majority in his party, did not give a clear understanding of what should be expected in the future from the newly elected government. The actions of both the President and Parliament include some right steps, positive initiatives, as well as mistakes, unpopular decisions and activities where legality is ambiguous.
  • There is no the clear strategy and at least we have an impression that there is a lack of strategical thinking in both: specific issues and in general.
  • Unfortunately, there is the risk of an unprofessional government management.

How do we evaluate the project “PRO-100 Matrix – 2”

The “PRO-100 Matrix – 2” tool was designed to test whether there is a demand for such visual models that generalize, simplify perception, and make it possible to understand and see the real political situation. At the end of the project, we can conclude that there is the demand, the online page of the “PRO-100 Matrix” had from 50 to 300 unique views per day. The promotion was carried out mainly through the Facebook network and through the VUM online community. But it should be noted that the demand was not massive.

Poll and User opinion

On the “PRO-100 Matrix – 2” page, there was survey where users were asked to express their views on the usefulness of the proposed tool.

In total, 250 users participated in the survey.

  • “I find the information very useful” – 59.18% of users chose this option
  • In principle, useful – 34.69%
  • Absolutely useless information – 4.08%
  • Only partially agree, I can’t take everything into account – 2.04%

In conclusion

Starting December 7, 2019, the “PRO-100 Matrix – 2” tool is not updating.

The analytical portal “Slovo i Dilo” is continuing its mission – to monitor the promises of politicians, ratings of officials, promptly publish news and analytical materials, make infographics, etc. – anything that can help Ukrainians understand the political and economic situation in the country.


The civic education platform VUM online, as a project of the Open University of Maidan, is continuing its educational mission by creating relevant online products to give every Ukrainian access to knowledge and an opportunity to improve their civic competences.

The project initiative group: 

Kateryna Pytenina – Editor-in-Chief of Slovo i Dilo,
Ostap Stasiv – Project Coordinator of the Open University of Maidan,
Bogdan Bondarenko- expert on constitutional law,
Iryna Kashina – marketing manager of VUM online,

The tool “PRO-100 Matrix” is implemented only in Ukrainian. If the detailed information in English is required, please contact us.