Civic Education in Ukraine


13 December 2017

The Open University of Maidan visited the city Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

NGO OUM continues to work hard on spreading the ideas of civic education. Focusing on the VUM online platform, the team also creates opportunities for meetings with platform users, active citizens, to discuss current problems, receive feedback, share experiences. So, on December 12, 2017, the Open University of Maidan met with the inhabitants of the city Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region. The meeting took place at the Bila Tserkva City Council.
All interested persons were invited to the event. The information was actively distributed in social media, among local communities and organizations.

During the meeting, the following speeches were made:

  • Ostap Stasiv, coordinator and one of the founders of the NGO OUM has told about the importance of civic education and why civil education plays a key role in the processes of building a new European Ukraine. He also considered the challenges that are put before concerning uncertainty and an unstable situation in the country.
  • Iryna Kashina, a marketing manager for the VUM online, told about the platform’s opportunities, features of learning, and gave some tips on self-education and personal development that can be implemented in everyday lives.

The event was attended by about 40 people that are representatives of various fields: active citizens, teachers, students, representatives of various communities and NGOs of Bila Tserkva city.
The NGO OUM team thanks the visitors for the attention. Also, we thank the organizers, especially Anna Fedchenko, the coordinator of NGO “Bila Tserkva Community Foundation ” and the Bila Tserkva City Council for the assistance in organizing the event.


Ostap Stasov, coordinator of the NGO OUM

Yuriy Manzhos, social entrepreneur







Audience – representatives of local NGOs, active citizens


Iryna Kashina, marketing manager of VMU online