Civic Education in Ukraine


25 March 2019

The Оpen University of Maidan took part in #TrashTagChallenge

On March 24, the NGO OUM team joined #TrashTagChallenge. They collected garbage on Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv.

Participants followed the river line of Dnipro, collecting empty bottles, garbage, and paper. To join the movement, we posted the results on Facebook.

Our primary goal of this #TrashTagChallenge was to give others a broader perspective of the problem. Here are some issues with it:

  • Only one package of glass and plastic was recyclable. Six more packages won’t end up on the recycle station.
  • What will be with the rest of the garbage? Likely, it will end up at the landfill. This garbage won’t pollute Trukhaniv Island anymore, it will be somewhere in Kyiv Oblast. From the Planet’s perspective, there is no place for throwing garbage out. We simply “move” garbage from one place to another.
  • Garbage was gathered in plastic bags. Unfortunately, the participants did not find an alternative. The bags will also pollute the environment.

The NGO OUM team invites everyone to join #TrashTagChallenge! But do see a bigger picture! In the course “How to deal with household waste” on VUM online, you will learn all you need about garbage.

We must consider ourselves in the context of three components – ecological, social and economic. Otherwise, we cannot change life on the Planet. “Sustainable Development: A New Philosophy of Thinking” fully reveals this topic. Economic growth, material production, and society consumption should be within the limits determined by the ability of ecosystems to renovate, absorb pollution and sustain the life of existing and future generations.

To fully understand the situation, the platform of civic education VUM online gives the opportunity to get the knowledge you need and become conscious citizens! All courses on VUM online are free and open to everyone.