Civic Education in Ukraine


10 October 2019

The Open University of Maidan (NGO OUM) becomes part of an international network

The activities of the NGO OUM and the platform of the civic education attracted the attention of the Eastern European Network for Citizenship Education – EENCE. As a result, October 4-6, 2019, the NGO OUM project manager Ostap Stasiv participated in the ENECE 2019 Summit held in Batumi, Georgia. This is the special event where the representatives of several civic education networks from Europe, Asia, Africa and European Union gathered for the first time. The purpose of the meeting was to create a platform for the exchange of experience, best practices, as well as the establishment of future cooperation in new projects.

The experience of civic education platform was presented in the series of seminars and thematic groups. In the open space format, the principles and approaches of the NGO OUM have been proposed for implementation in the EENCE network.

Today the platform is known outside of Ukraine. The next step is the official introduction to the EENC. We also plan to involve the NGO OUM representatives and experts in new civic education projects.

EENCE is a network of organizations and experts that promote the exchange and development of civic education knowledge, skills and values ​​in the Eastern Partnership region. The network was created in 2015 within the NECE Network. The network is supported by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Federal Agency for Civic Education of Germany (bpb).