Civic Education in Ukraine


24 December 2018

Open University of Maidan in 2018

Dear all! We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2018 was fascinating. But 2019th seems to be even better!

We want to share some information about this year achievements and our plans.

OUM celebrates a 5-year anniversary. It has started at the Revolution of Dignity and transformed into an online project. Read more about our history in the article by our cofounder Ostap Stasiv.

  • More than 16 thousand new users have joined us this year. There are more than 37 thousand active users at the platform now;
  • Users have received 7000 certificates this year;
  • Together, we have watched the videos, read the article and visited the platform for 2,000,000 times this year. Hurrrray!!!

We have new courses that are truly unique for Ukraine:

  • “How to deal with household waste”;
  • “What is the European idea?”
  • Complex program “Citizen Financial Literacy”
  • “How to organize EdCamp for your community”.

Even more, digital activities at were not enough for us and we had held offline events:

What is next? We have course announcements on the already:

  • “Sustainable development” – conscientious attitude towards personality, country, and our planet;
  • “Political Ideologies” – an online course that will help to understand how and what parties and politicians you should choose.

All these statistics show your attitude and contribution to our project. We are happy to work for you and our community. We sincerely wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019 Year

Your Project Team