Civic Education in Ukraine


9 February 2018

Creative tour of the NGO OUM team to Chernihiv

The Open University of Maidan continues to organize offline meetings and on February 8, 2018, the team visited the one of Ukrainian cities – Chernihiv. This time the main topic of the meetings was creativity and creative thinking skills. There well-known that experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos have included creative thinking in the top 5 required competencies of the coming decade. So the topic is important and should be in the spotlight.

Volodymyr Lisin joined the NGO OUM team. He is an expert in the creative thinking, art director, designer, TSD-TSA certified consulting, co-author of the course “Creative Thinking”, which was recently launched on the VUM online platform.

At first, a meeting with the students of the National University “Chernihiv College” named after T. Shevchenko was held. During this meeting students could get acquainted with the VUM online platform as well as work with Volodymyr Lisin and try to figure out what creative thinking is and how it can be used during the studying process, as well as in the future profession.

In the evening, the event “Creative Thinking for a Social Activist” took place. The active citizens of Chernihiv, community, business representatives, and journalists were invited. During Volodymyr Lisin’s half-hour master-class the following issues were considered:

  • how to develop creative thinking skills
  • whether it is possible to use creativity in social activism, how it works in practice
  • how creativity can be used in resource constraint conditions.

Also, the NGO OUM team presented the VUM online platform and courses that may help to discover this topic deeply: “Creative Activism”, “Creative Thinking”, “Strategic Thinking”, etc.

In order to allow more people to have access to the information, local TV channels were invited to the meeting. The Chernigov department of “National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine” conducted a live broadcast as the TV channel “Ditynets” made a program using the meeting materials.

We would like to thank all those who joined our events in Chernihiv, as well as Victoria Sydorova and the media-center “Moe Misto” for the help in organization and the cultural and business center “Svitoglyad” for hospitality and cozy conference space.

Meeting with activists in the cultural and business center “Svitoglyad”

Volodymyr Lisin’s master-class in the cultural and business center “Svitoglyad”


There are students of the National University “Chernihiv College” named after T. Shevchenko

Volodymyr Lisin is talking about creative thinking