Civic Education in Ukraine


10 September 2018

No waste, more gain. The NGO OUM took part at the Green School Lectorium

When we were planning a course on how to deal with household waste, the team worried that this course would not be popular. The ECO might be a trend that quickly comes to the end, we thought. It turned out quite differently. The course “How to deal with household waste” was launched in May this year, and it has already became one of the most popular on the platform. 

How to become a true ECO country – this was the issue of our discussion at the Green School Lectorium, which was held in Kyiv, September 7-9, in the framework of the “Energy Change” forum. Ostap Stasiv, the project manager, and one of the founders of the Open University of Maidan, presented the platform of Civic Education VUM online. 

If you have no idea about how to sort the household waste – sign up for our course here and learn. This is the only such training program in Ukraine. The main goal of the course is to systematize the information about household waste and explain how Ukrainians can become more environmentally friendly. 

As Ostap Stasiv noted in his speech: “Do not start to do everything, it will be very difficult to change life at once. Start with cardboard, use no paper cups. Then proceed with glass and plastic, learn how to sort it. “ 

Why don’t you sort?

If you already know what to do with household waste, then you may not need our course either. But there are friends, relatives, neighbors of yours. It is very important to distribute information among them. The courses on VUM online do help you with this. 

Critical Thinking

This is another topic that we were discussing with the participants of the event. To think critically, to be able to analyze and question the information received is a very valuable skill, especially when you take into account the enormous information flow that surrounds us. The course “Introduction to Critical Thinking” is available on VUM online. 

One cannot conquer alone

It is very important to find like-minded people and act together. We talked about the possibility of sorting garbage at home houses where apartment building co-owners associations are organized, considered energy efficiency and energy co-operative topics. Such courses are available at VMU online. 

We must demand active actions

Only knowing their rights and responsibilities, Ukrainians can change the situation with garbage in the country. That was the point Ostap Stasiv emphasized attention at the end of his speech.  The politics are very slow and do not do much at all. So, it is critical for us to claim our rights for environmental security. Courses “The Constitution of Ukraine “, “Public Control”, “Public and Power: Effective Mechanisms of Influence” can help to understand how to start acting. 

Despite the rain and cool weather Green School Lectorium gathered many activists who implement real ECO projects. All participants shared their experiences and discussed plans for the future. 

Such an active community inspires and makes us believe that Ukraine will become a true ECO country.