Civic Education in Ukraine


20 June 2018


On June 15, 2018, the 6th International Business Forum “SCIENCE – BUSINESS – EDUCATION: STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP” was held at the State Higher Education Institution “Kyiv National Economic University”.

Current reforms of higher education require coordination between the activities of universities and private entrepreneurship representatives to develop the interaction mechanisms of universities with business structures, international institutions, public authorities and public organizations. This cooperation will support the innovative development of the national economy.

The Business Forum is the platform for public discussion of projects on the adaptation of higher education to the current needs of the open market, the development of educational technologies and new forms of cooperation between business and universities.

Ostap Stasiv, coordinator and co-founder of the Open University of Maidan, participated in the Forum’s panel discussion: “Formal and informal education: challenges for universities and business”. The following issues were considered during the discussion:

  • What is informal education and how does it fit into the general concept of learning?
  • What values and benefit of non-formal education can be received by the business?
  • How to integrate non-formal education into university education?
  • How online platforms of non-formal education compete with university education?

Ostap Stasiv provided clear arguments why non-formal education is a powerful engine for the formation of a civil society, and why it is very important to provide as many opportunities as possible for the development of civil competencies. Ostap presented the platform for civic education VUM online to the participants of the Forum. He showed some of the courses that are already available. Their lectors are representatives of best Ukrainian Universities with huge expertise in particular fields.

The main emphasis of Ostap’s speech: civic education is not a separate subject at school or institute, it is an integrated approach. This education contains knowledge that is provided at various stages of personality development. And it is very important to stimulate the development of civil competencies comprehensively, to introduce appropriate training in schools and even kindergartens. Otherwise, in 5-10 years we will get young Ukrainians who will have good professional knowledge and skills, but will not know how to be successful citizens of their country.

Ostap also emphasized on that all courses on VUM online are free and available to everyone. To make the first real step in changing the society one may start with information sharing about VUM online and listening to our online courses.

There were other speakers that took part at the panel discussion:

  • Andriy Melnyk is a co-founder of the translation company “Profperekladl”, the founder of the Thinking Club
  • Lilia Gaponyuk  is a Head of “LetyShops” Personnel Management
  • Anna Riznichenko is an off-line curator of the direction of the educational project “Higher School of Communications”, a certified specialist in guidance for adults and adolescents
  • Denis Lifintsev is a curator of the vocational guidance program for schoolchildren, an associate professor of the chair of management of KNEU
  • Inna Kosoriga is a co-founder and Managing Partner of IVA.MICE, a co-founder of the HR to Business project.
  • Olga Safina is a vice president of communications at Innovecs, curator of projects FEDORIV HUB, UNIT.City, Chasopys

Moderator – Julia Plieva is a partner and CEO of Apple Consulting®, a lecturer at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.