Civic Education in Ukraine


27 August 2018

The NGO OUM took part in IdeaFest 2018 in Odessa 

Our team spent three days in Odessa, at IdeaFest 2018.On the 24-26th of August we were celebrating the Independence Day of Ukraine, studying and discussing various issues with activists and lecturers. This event was a marvelous opportunity to get new knowledge, share ideas with members of other non-governmental organizations.  

IdeaFest 2018 participants spoke about formal and informal education, school, art, culture, urban planning, personal development and waste sorting. These are important topics for organizations, charitable foundations and activists. The participants of the festival will not only discuss them this year, but also will solve the problems and implement their activities in real life. 

“What to learn?” – Dmytro Savochkin, HR Director of a big international company, presented the Open University of Maidan and gave a lecture on what knowledge you need to have to start your career successfully and what to learn in order not to lose the job in 15 years. You can find this topic in the course “Career Building” on VUM online. 

“Ukraine without Waste” – Eugenia Aratovskaya, leader of the ECO project “Ukraine without Waste”, social entrepreneur, spoke about her experience in sorting household waste and its organization. We talked about how these activities help Ukrainian companies to deal with waste in their offices and make this trend popular among the employees. The course “How to deal with household waste” with Eugenia is available on VUM online! 

“Education of the future” – Mykola Skyba, expert of the direction “Education” of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, co-founder of the NGO “Agency of Cultural Strategies” gave a lecture on the educational trends of the 21st Century, their importance and the need for our education system. Why is creative thinking needed? See Mykola Skyba’s course “Creative Thinking” on the VUM online platform. 

We thank the organizers of the festival and all the participants for such an inspiring and creative atmosphere. On the festival site, you can see who else was a speaker and a full list of presentations. We recommend you to join IdeaFest next year. It will be cool!  

Dmytro Savochkin

Communication on what to learn

The NGO OUM team