Civic Education in Ukraine


7 November 2019

Lecture by Pinchas Polonsky at Open University of Maidan

The NGO OUM continues to experiment with public lectures and different topics. On November 4, 2019, the lecture by Pinchas Polonsky, the Israeli Jewish-religious philosopher, researcher, and educator active among the Russian-speaking Jewish community, was held at the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv.

Although the topic was unexpected for our educational initiative: “Central ideas of Kabbalah and their application in life,” the atrium of the Shevchenko Museum was filled with knowledge-seekers. Kabbalah is generally perceived as a topic of “high matter” and sometimes even magical. In fact, Pinchas offered to look at the basic ideas of Kabbalah quite practically, and explained that these ideas significantly help to perceive the world and find decisions in difficult life situations.

We thank Pinchas Polonsky for his cooperation with the NGO OUM. We thank the lecture participants for their openness to new information and their willingness to learn and seek a synthesis of knowledge diversity.