Civic Education in Ukraine


8 September 2020

“How to choose an apartment building manager” – a new course has launched at VUM online

The online course “How to choose an apartment building manager” contains 6 useful lectures that will help the co-owners of an apartment building to put it in order and provide its quality service.

If the company that maintains your house is inactive, you are not satisfied with the services, the condition of the house becomes worse – it’s time to change the situation and hire proactive professionals and effectively monitor their work. How to do this? It is discussed in the proposed course.

It is intended for co-owners of apartment buildings and representatives of condominiums, as well as managers who want to improve their knowledge in this area and get useful advice. The course will be interesting for everyone who wants to learn more about the manager activities, the features of this status, as well as get step-by-step instructions for hiring a manager for an apartment building.

In this course participants will learn:

  • Who is the manager and how do they differ from the “old model system”;
  • What are the requirements for the status of the manager, what services they provide and how they should act during the service performance;
  • How to hire the manager of an apartment building;
  • How to organize the meeting of co-owners quickly and successfully;
  • How to conclude a contract with the manager and monitor its services;
  • How to comply with all legal requirements when changing the manager and terminating the contract.

The course was prepared within the project “Energy Efficiency in the Housing Sector of Ukraine”, implemented by the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation.

The course is in Ukrainian. It is free of charge and open for everyone!