Civic Education in Ukraine


15 May 2018

How to deal with household waste – a new course in VUM online

On May 15, 2018, an online course “How to deal with household waste” was launched on the platform of civic education VUM online. It is a new experience for our country and the first online course about household waste in Ukraine.

The problem of environmental pollution is actively discussed. But, at the same time, Ukrainians is not so experienced as Europeans and only begins to implement waste sorting measures. Many people do not understand how huge the problem is. If we do not start to solve it, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Ordinary Ukrainian family generates about 1.5-2 kg of household waste daily. What happens to this garbage next? How does it affect the environment? Is it possible to change the situation for the better?

The VUM online team gathered experts on the household waste management and representatives of key environmental initiatives of Ukraine. Together they developed the first free online course. There were no similar training programs in Ukraine before. The main goal of the course is to systematize the information concerning household waste and explain how Ukrainians can become more environmentally friendly.

The course answers the following questions:

  • What to do with the waste products at home and at work?
  • What products to choose to influence the reduction of waste generation?
    How can we sort waste products?
  • Why recycling is not popular? What can it be done to make the situation better?

Experts and lecturers of the course:

  • Tetyana Omelʹyanenko- Candidate of Science (Economics), Head of the International Association of Solid Waste (ISWA) group of young specialists in Ukraine. Waste Management Specialist.
  • Yevheniya Aratovsʹka is the leader of the ECO project “Ukraine without garbage”, a social entrepreneur and a teacher on the subject “Sustainable lifestyle”.
  • Anastasiya Kostenko is an ecologist-designer, master of ecology and biotechnology, art activist, one of the founders of the art studio UpcyclingUA and Peredelki, a public figure, a teacher.
  • Marianna Boyko – eco-blogger, motivator, author of “104 days without polyethylene” and “Zero Waste Ukraine” projects. Thanks to her experiments, she refused to use the packages and reduced the amount of waste to 35 grams a day.
  • Sofiya-Khrystyna Borysyuk and Mykyta Shulʹha are co-founders of the environmental and educational project “Compola”.

Invited guest speakers:

The course is freely accessible and open to everyone!