Civic Education in Ukraine


19 February 2019

How can sustainable development be studied in Ukraine?

GIZ, UNDP and the Open University of Maidan share their vision.
On 19 February 2019, the launch of a common GIZ/UNDP project and the beginning of an online course by Open University of Maidan is announced.

The ‘e-learning for sustainable development’ Project implemented by UNDP with financial support from GIZ improve access to e-learning on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Ukrainian civil servants, the business community and civic leaders. Developed in cooperation with national and international partners, the Project is intended to increase awareness about sustainable development among these target groups.

A new Open University of Maidan online course “Sustainable Development as a New Philosophy of Thinking” invites participants to learn the main principles of sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and Ukraine’s plan for SDG realization

During the event, that was held in the Urban Space public restaurant, representatives from GIZ, UNDP and the Open University of Maidan shared their visions on how to strengthen e-learning mechanisms on sustainable development in Ukraine.

Ostap Stasiv and Klaudia Shevelyuk told about our course “Sustainable development as a New Philosophy of Thinking” and promotion of the Sustainable Goals in Ukraine throughout the platform of civil education

Klaudia Shevelyuk – Sustainable Development Consultant. Founder of the Change Agency Responsible Future

Ostap Stasiv – Co-founder and coordinator of Open University of Maidan