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10 November 2017

Half of Ukrainians can save twice on energy

50% of Ukrainians live in multi-apartment buildings. There are 9 million apartments and only on gas heating Ukrainians spend three times more than in Europe. A partial wall insulation, which is very popular in Ukraine, doesn’t provide the desired saving and can also harm the walls. Only by implementing energy-efficient measures throughout the building can really reduce costs and solve all the problems.

The issue of improving the housing comfort and the economy of its maintenance was discussed by journalists from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava and Zhytomyr regions on the training “Energy-efficient modernization of multi-apartment buildings is the basis of housing reform. Ukraine’s Experience and Prospects for the Development of the Sector. ”

The project was organized by the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) “Energy efficiency in the housing sector of Ukraine”. IFC Project experts, representatives of associations of multi-apartment building co-owners and other non-governmental organizations involved in the reform of the domestic housing sector helped participants to understand the strategy of modernization of multi apartment buildings, the need for energy saving works, sources of their financing, including bank loans and governmental and regional programs.

It is not necessary to visit training to get answers to the questions:

  • what measures and in what order should be implemented;
  • where to get funding sources;
  • what theoretical basis and practical experience to take into account.

All the necessary information can be obtained in a much easier and more convenient way – in the online course “Energy Efficiency of the apartment blocks in practice”. It was presented by Iryna Kashyna, Marketing Manager of Distance Platform of Civic Education from the Open University of Maidan.

In this free online course, you can find only the necessary practical recommendations, tested by the experienced experts of implementation of energy-efficient measures in Ukrainian realities.
The course has helped hundreds of users to understand the issues of energy saving. Modern gadgets with Internet access allow you to view compact, 5-12 minute video lectures at home, on the go, during breaks or at work.

Natalia Ilyina, operational manager of the project “Energy Efficiency in the Housing Sector of Ukraine,” noted that during the studying on the course it is possible to ask questions to the initiators and experts. They are willing to help anyone who is interested in using the obtained knowledge in practice.

Everything is possible. The only thing you need is a desire!

Participants of the training

Mikhail Pavlichenko – Regional Coordinator of the Energy efficiency in the housing sector of Ukraine (IFC, World Bank Group)


Natalia Ilyina, operational manager of the project

 Iryna Kashyna, Marketing Manager of Distance Platform of Civic Education from the Open University of Maidan