Civic Education in Ukraine


3 May 2018

Fundamentals of Energy Co-operation – a new course in VUM Online

We often discuss problems in the energy industry – tariffs are too high, monopolists set “the rules of the game”, government policy is ineffective. Many people think that the situation can be improved only at the government / presidential and other top levels. However, the people self-organization in energy co-operatives can be the way to solve the most of the energy problems.

The Energy Cooperative allows citizens to meet their needs (both individual and community requests) related to energy consumption. These are the most varied needs – from providing the community with the necessary resources (wholesale purchase of firewood or fuel) to the production of heat and power from alternative energy sources. The financial effort of a community or a self-organized group provides tangible benefits to all its members. This instrument has already been used by hundreds of millions of people around the world (primarily in the EU and the US).

Our course “Fundamentals of Energy Co-operation” explains how community members or self-organized groups can become owners of energy infrastructure to stay energy efficient and independent.

The main expert and course lecturer – Andriy Zinchenko – co-founder and head of educational projects of the Ukrainian network of energy innovations Greencubator. Expert in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency. For more than 9 years he has worked on educational and advocacy projects in this field.

The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.