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21 November 2018

The Fifth Anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. We remember!   

The Fifth Anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. We remember!

Five years ago, on 21st of November 2013 hundreds of people came to Independence Square with a peaceful protest. It happened when the former President and his administration refused to sign the Ukraine-European Union Agreement of Association. Back then, it was hard to imagine what will be the outcomes of this protest. The protest snowballed into an opposition of millions, giving a say to Ukrainians in the future of their country.

Later at the first decade of December 2013, business schools in Kyiv united over the idea of lecturing for the people on Maidan. Then, locations for education were opened over the Square. That is how the Open University of Maidan has emerged.

You may analyze those events differently now, but back then, many Ukrainians have understood that profound transformations require time and patience. 5 years after those events, the fight for Ukraine is still on. We have established the OUM back then and we continue our work.

Glory to Ukraine!

Ostap Stasiv on how the OUM was established:

Yulia Tychkivska

Vlad Troitsky


VUM revolution of dignity

Scene of Open University of Maidan

Valery Pekar