Civic Education in Ukraine


18 March 2019

Event-management in the public sector – the NFO OUM training workshop   

On March 16, 2019, the Open University of Maidan held the workshop “Event-management in the public sector”. Activists and NGO representatives visited it at “Nash format” in Kiev.

We organized the event on the principles of blended learning. Firstly, the participants had to finish online courses “Social Capital” and “Sustainable Development: A New Philosophy of Thinking” at VUM online. The certificates for these courses were obligatory to attend the training.

The participants had covered the basics while listening to the online course, the training was very effective and practice-oriented. People worked in mini-groups, choosing projects related to their own activity. Each group had its own project. The projects covered various social problems: violations of traffic rules, establishing of the creative spaces, renovation of the libraries, organization of the village festivals, work with children, parents; garbage sorting and composting practices.

“It seems to me that you do not need a trainer. These people are so inspiring! They are working together, looking for new ideas and ways to solve problems. This is a great audience. Networking is the most effective way of learning.”  

Natalia Sklyarskaya – trainer, event marketing specialist, author of the online course “Social capital” at VUM online.

During the project we discussed:

  •  How to raise money for the projects;
  • How to attract business and media;
  • How to stimulate your team, find assistants and like-minded people;
  • How to work in villages and create rural communities.

The Open University Maidan thanks Natalia Sklyarskaya for support and cooperation! Also, thanks to the club “Nash Format” for creative space and a cozy atmosphere.

We thank all those who joined the event and used their weekend day for self-development and things that matter. Let all your activities be successful!

Natalia Sklyarskaya – trainer, event marketing specialist, author of the online course “Social capital”

Participants work in a group. Natalia Sklyarskaya helps, gives advice