Civic Education in Ukraine


12 October 2018

What is a European idea?” – a new course has launched on VUM online 

A free online course “What is a European idea? How to understand the “European” vector of Ukraine’s development?” has launched in VUM online. 

Ukrainians are still asking:

  • Do we need Europe? 
  • What is the European Association Agreement? 
  • What does the phrase “European integration of Ukraine” mean?  
  • What is the European idea (or ideas)? Where does it end? 
  • How was the European Union been formed? What are its values? 

The new course – “What is a European idea?” – answers these questions. The course avoids stereotypical views on European-Ukrainian relations. This is a broad view of Europe – to politics, economy, culture, history and literature. Why there would be no European integration be without the French Revolution, why there would be no European Community without the Suez crisis, and why there would be no declaration of human rights without sentimental novels? Why is it important for modern Ukraine to “build Europe at home”? 

After completing the course, listeners will learn what ideas have formed modern Europe, why and how the European Union exists and what is the place of Ukraine in the project “Europe”. 

The expert and lector of the course:

Volodymyr Yermolenko is a Ukrainian philosopher, writer, and journalist. He has a degree in Political Science from the EHESS, Paris, and teaches at Kyiv Mohyla Academy in Kyiv. He is the director of European projects at Internews Ukraine and journalist at 

The course is produced with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine (Kharkiv). 

The course is freely accessible and open to everyone!