Civic Education in Ukraine


15 October 2018

Does you Facebook leak? “Digital Security and Communication online” helps to stop it 

Just a week ago, Facebook was hacked and more than 30 million accounts were damaged. Are you ready to share your private information with hackers? We offer everyone to learn how to protect his or her chats and personal information on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 

Our new course “Digital Security and Communication Online” was launched on October 15, 2018 on VUM online. There we speak about two important issues: online communication and digital security. So, you can learn how to communicate effectively and do not risk personal data at the same time. 

After completing this course, you will learn: 

  • How to protect mail and personal files from undesirable shares? 
  • How to choose perfect passwords and where to store them? 
  • How to set up your computer for safe work on the Internet? 
  • How social networks help you at work; 
  • How to respond to negative comments and manage communication crisis; 
  • What are the hidden features of Facebook, Twitter or YouTube that will help you at work? 

We created the course grounding on more than 100 hours of trainings with the people’s deputies and their assistants, which we had already held within USAID Rada Program. The program is implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation together with Internews-Ukraine NGO and its partners. 

We have gathered the most useful tips and tools that were discussed during the trainings and now we present them in the online course “Digital Security and Communication Online”. 

Course authors: 

Vitaliy Moroz 

Media coach, director of new media programs of Internews-Ukraine NGO. 

Pavlo Belousov 

Project Coordinator with more than 7 years of experience in the public sector. Expert on issues: digital security, project management, copywriting. 

Olga Gurtovenko 

Project Co-ordination and Digital Security Experts. Worked with the EU Delegation, Solidarity Fund PL and (Montreal, Canada). 

Dmytro Tuzhansky 

Consultant and media trainer. Specialization: content, monetization, newsroom, media outlets, media strategies, branding, information security. 

The course is open for everyone.