Civic Education in Ukraine


30 September 2017

Children’s playground on Volyns’kyi Ln in Boyarka, Kyiv region

“Now there is a special place to walk with children. Previously, we needed a lot of time to get the nearest playground, which is not easy with children. But now after the repair and installation of swings and other elements to allow kids to play, it is possible to do this much closer to our houses”, – here is the opinion of parents who live on Volyns’kyi Ln in Boyarka, Kyiv region.

The children’s playground was built by active inhabitants of Boyarka and NGO “OUM”, the British Council and the Boyarka city council support. On May 2017 the pitching of social projects was announced in this area. The active inhabitance submitted their ideas to the contest and took the special training to be ready to implement their plans. Finally, they became winners and got the finance to implement their project – the children’s playground.

This project united people who live Boyarka. Fathers were setting up the elements of the playground, mothers were painting the fence and providing additional help. Together they cleaned the playground, preparing it for use by their kids. It is true fact the community can bring many interesting and useful things. Concerning this example, people were able to verify the effectiveness of the social project competition.