Civic Education in Ukraine


16 January 2020

The truth about the land: moratorium VS market – a new course on VUM online

This year the moratorium on land sales can be lifted, and Ukrainian citizens will be involved in deciding how the land market in Ukraine should work. So it is the responsibility that requires an understanding of the problem and making the right choice by everyone.

The team of NGO OUM with the group of experts have developed the course “The truth about the land: moratorium VS market”.

This course is discovering the following topics:

  • Why does Ukraine need the Land Market?
  • Why is the land reform affecting every citizen?
  • What social and economic problems does the moratorium create? Why does the moratorium violate property rights?
  • Who are the main stakeholders in the land reform and how will they be affected by the launch of the land market?
  • What is wrong with the land reform referendum?
  • What are the myths about the moratorium and the land market that are discussed in the Ukrainian society?

The course is in Ukrainian. It is free of charge and open to everyone.