Civic Education in Ukraine


8 October 2017

Touristic Map in Four Languages

Up to date and convenient multilanguage touristic maps are critical instruments of data security and tourists’ orientation in the city. It will map landmarks, hotels, restaurants, museums, malls, emergency numbers, transports, touristic brand of the city, events, city festivals, and the most impressive photos. Such touristic map concept has recently become the winner of the competition between the projects in Chernihiv. This competition has been held by the NGO “OUM” in cooperation with the “Active citizens” of British Council in Ukraine.

Ukrainian tourists and foreigners have no relevant information in print and that significantly influences their traveling and living in the city experiences. The project directly focuses on solving this issue.

On the current stage of the project, activists develop the touristic map in four languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Polish). They design visual image of the map in the Ukrainian language.

Find the photo of the conceptual map design below.