Civic Education in Ukraine


24 January 2019

“Sustainable Development: a new Philosophy of Thinking” – a new course on VUM online

The first online course about sustainable development and thinking recommended by UNDP is now available for everyone at VUM online.   

The Open University of Maidan and Klaudia Shevelyuk, the founder of the Responsible Future initiative and sustainable development consultant, created a course “Sustainable development: a new philosophy of thinking”. UNDP in Ukraine recommends the course for studying and supports its promotion.   

The expert emphasizes the following issues in the course:  

  •  Sustainable Development and its core principles;  
  •  The philosophical concept of Sustainable Thinking;  
  •  Who are the stakeholders of the Sustainable Development, what are their goals and values;  
  •  17 Sustainable Development Goals by UN, agendas till 2030 and Ukrainian plan to achieve these goals;  
  •  Application of the knowledge about Sustainable Development in practice.  

The course is for those who are not ready to be idle witnesses of the vastest changes on the planet. It is for those who want to think, plan and act understanding these changes.   

The author of the course, Klaudia Shevelyuk, is a consultant with 14 years’ experience. She has successfully finished the Leadership for Sustainable Development Program at Stockholm Center for Sustainable Development and the Swedish Institute Management Program. She speaks English, Swedish, German and Franch fluently.   

Klaudia emphasizes that humanity uses the resources of the planet with no regard to possible consequences. As a result, we face the reality where either we bring the Earth to the condition where ice capes do not melt, plastics and garbage do not flood the oceans, the atmosphere is not overheated, or we lose a comfortable place for humanity to live.   

The expert explains that sustainable thinking provides the answers to the global challenges, as well as gives instruments to solve the issues in your family, business, community or city.   

The course is in Ukrainian. It is free-of-charge and available for everyone.    

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