Civic Education in Ukraine


29 January 2023

“Sustainability of social changes: community cohesion” course opens soon at

From January 31, the platform offers access to the  “Sustainability of social changes: community cohesion” course. Every Ukrainian community now is facing unprecedented challenges caused by the large-scale offensive of the Russian terrorist state – from issues of basic survival to the problems of the integration of IDPs and the restoration of life in the community to plans for post-war reconstruction. Such challenges overcoming is not possible without high-level cooperation between all community members. Our course is about building communities in which there is trust and comfortable living, where people with ideas have an influence on the processes that take place. It will help listeners to understand how to form mutual understanding in the community, how to involve people in planned activities, how to build a dialogue and master the features of nonviolent communication, how to use facilitation tools, and how to plan and act in conditions of uncertainty. The course will be useful for representatives of local self-government bodies, public activists, volunteers, and all active citizens who know and understand how their community should develop and are looking for additional tools to strengthen social cohesion.

The course is implemented with the support of the project “Strengthening intersectoral cooperation for social cohesion” (SC3), which is co-financed by the British Council and the European Union, and is carried out by the British Council together with the NGO “Mitsna Gromada”, the NGO “Molodizhna Platforma” and the Kherson Regional Charitable Fund “Obyednannya”.