Civic Education in Ukraine


24 July 2021

 “Solution Journalism” course started July, 23 on platform

“Solution Journalism” course started July, 23 on platform. Its purpose is to spread constructive journalist skills among Ukrainian media community. Constructive journalism tools go far beyond the coverage of events and processes, and allow to support the search of solutions and societal problems solving.

The course is taught by foreign journalists with great experience of working in Ukraine. All of the cases are considered with an example of Eastern Ukraine problem, because in times of crisis solution journalism can activate communities and help to resist propaganda.

The course will be useful to:

  • Journalists who want to try using new method in their everyday practice
  • Editors and media workers who want to strengthen their employees’ material preparation skills with the help of solution journalism
  • Professors, teachers and students who are willing to integrate solution journalism approaches into journalist education
  • Community activists
  • Everyone who is interested in ways to solve problems with the help of news and not only cover the news.

The course is created with the support of American people, gained by USA International Development Agency (USAID), within the USAID “Economic support of Eastern Ukraine” project.

The course workload equals 0,1 credits ECTS.