Civic Education in Ukraine


3 September 2020

“School for all: a safe school environment” – a new course has launched at VUM online

On September 3, the new online course “School for All: a safe School Environment” launched at VUM online.

A law on the bullying prevention has operated in Ukraine for two years. This is an extremely important step in creating a safe environment for children at school. But are we really ready to protect all categories of children from bullying?

According to a national survey of the school environment held by the NGO Tochka Opory in 2017, more than half of LGBT adolescents were physically abused, and almost 90% suffered from verbal harassment due to their sexual orientation or gender expression. More than 60% of such children never reported about these facts to school staff because they were sure that school staff would not interfere or that their actions would have no effect. Finally, 55.3% of respondents who approached school staff were instructed not to pay attention to harassment.

Bullying and adult indifference affect the mental health of LGBT children, their academic abilities, and their desire to continue their education. Children who suffer from bullying are more likely to be depressed and at increased risk of suicide.

What needs to be done to change this situation? We offer to listen to the course “School for all: a safe school environment”.

The course combines videos, the experience of practitioners working with the problem, as well as a list of additional sources to continue the study process.

After completing the course and completing the internship, participants will receive a certificate.

The course is in Ukrainian. It is free of charge and open for everyone!