Civic Education in Ukraine


21 November 2017

Revolution of Dignity. It is time to remember …

Open University of Maidan was founded during the Revolution of Dignity in December 2013.

At that time, the best representatives of business schools and universities, public figures delivered free lectures for the participants of EuroMaidan. The key theme, which remains as the main now, was how Ukrainians can build the country of their dreams.

This was the day it all began and it is worth to remember how it was. 4 years ago we started an important way and, no matter what, we must continue it – to create a new European Ukraine.

Through civic education, we change our thinking, actions, our behavior. It is only the beginning. And everything is in our hands.

Glory to Ukraine! And glory to everyone who defends our right to live in freedom.

Yulia Tychkivska

Vlad Troitsky


VUM revolution of dignity

Scene of Open University of Maidan

Valery Pekar