Civic Education in Ukraine


11 April 2019

Public control over power – a new complex program on VUM online

Today the new complex program – “Public control over power” was launched on VUM online.

Ukraine is going through a very important period. 2019 is the year when Ukrainians elect a new President and Parliament. Everyone makes their conclusions concerning the situation in the society. But there is one conclusion that everyone should do. Whoever came to power, Ukrainians must control those who were elected and have rights to represent our interests.

Citizens must stop living from the election to the election! The control must be total. After the election, everything is just starting.

We have developed this complex program to help each citizen quickly gain the knowledge how to build a real dialogue with the authorities: “What is being done? Why? Whose benefit? How does it improve the quality of our lives? ”

The program includes the following courses:

  • Public Control
  • Community & Authorities: Productive Channels of Influence
  • Activism in the Digital Sphere: Toolkit of E-Democracy
  • Combating Corruption in the Government Procurement Sphere
  • Public Contracts and Civil Society Monitoring
  • Digital Public Registers

All the courses that are part of the program are freely available and open to everyone.