Civic Education in Ukraine

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn

Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine, the national representative office of Transparency International’s largest global anti-corruption network in Ukraine. He has an extensive experience in organization of campaigns for public lobbying, political expertise and policy analysis. Since 2013 he is the Head of Council (Plast National Council) of Plast – a national scout organization of Ukraine. On a voluntary basis he was an Advisor to the Secretary of the Council of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine; an advising assistant to a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament L.Yu. Orobets; a Chief specialist in communication with the management of the Investment bank “Phoenix-Capital”, a Head of the Assistant Service of the Secretariat Head of the organization “HART Foundation of Regional Initiatives”; a Trainer in traditional and new media of the Institute of Political Education; a Political Expert of the National round table “Awakening for European Future”. Ya. Yurchyshyn is a Head of the department for preparation and discussion of the reforms at the Reforms Center of the Institute of Social Innovations Development.