Громадянська освіта в Україні

Online courses for eHealth

We and EdEra created two courses about Medical Information Systems – The Principles of Medical Reform with a help of eHealth – for doctors and administration.

Medical Informational Systems allow the patient to receive high-quality service from the doctors. It also allows controlling the effectiveness of the money and recourses use at the medical institutions and lessen potential corruption risks. eHealth allows creating one system to coordinate all health care activities – medical practice, medical institutions management, medical law, pharmaceutics and informational support for the patients.

eHealth implementation takes time and has many iterations. The first iteration is to involve all the centers and doctors that provide First Aid and Emergency services. So that we created these courses to standardize the approach of eHealth implementation in different regions of Ukraine.

This course was created by OUM and EdEra with support from U-LEAD with Europe and collaboration with Estonian Agency eGovernance Academy.

The course is in Ukrainian. It is free-of-charge and available for everyone.