Civic Education in Ukraine

Online courses

The first experience of the Open University of Maidan (OUM) activities helped us to make several important conclusions. First of all, our team should apply different approaches and observe the issues from different perspectives to implement changes as it is hard to realize what will be needed in the process, what programs should be outlined and how to establish a systematic approach in one’s studying. Gained experience supported us in our decision to create “Concerned Activist’s School” educational program. This school is the result of facilitators', psychologists', activists', and leaders’ work. Implementing the experience of 26 events we had held all over Ukraine, we transformed the School into a branch of massive open online courses that provide a balanced and comprehensive base of knowledge about public activism, have straight structure and deliver simple and precise messages.
It is extremely crucial that “Concerned Activist’s School” as many other complex programs by the OUM is always changing and adopting concerning demands of the society and patterns of its development. But how does it actually works? If you are interested in one of our massive open online courses and sign up for it, our platform automatically signs you up for all the online courses of this program. Complex programs require not only the successful ending of the particular online courses but final assignment completing. When you end the course you may get your Certificate. This part contains complex solutions of the issues in the civil society sphere. The main objective of the complex programs is to help us with an efficient understanding of the courses and experts effectiveness in answering complicated questions that are on your list. Topics of our courses may correlate with your particular problems and may be instrumental in the troubleshooting process. The platform creates new opportunities for those responsible and active members of the communities who are ready to change themselves and their communities. Choose your program now and enjoy the education process on the OUM!

The course is based on theoretical knowledge of Ukrainian Law on Public Procurement, as well as on the analysis of cases from real situations. By analyzing and exploring public procurement, people can understand where and how they can find corrupt components and how to track unfair tenders. It is also provided what they need to do in such cases, where to go and how to deny suspicious tenders. The main purpose of this course is to induce people not to stand aside, but to join the process of reforming public procurement and combating corruption. The course in is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Verifying information is a useful skill not only for journalists and editors, but also for all who are accustomed not to trust politicians' statements or scandalous headlines. This course “Data Verification on the Internet“ helps people to recognize fake and false information online on their own. The course is developed and recommended for journalists and editors of the post-Soviet time. Nevertheless, it may also be interesting for media activists and everyone who actively use social networks and the Internet. The course in is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Actual aspects of Ukrainian modern society include a lot of conflict situations and a high flow of aggressive and contradictory information in the media. That is why there is a high demand on the human psyche. To successfully deal with these challenges, people need to be able to control their emotions. The course “Psychological First Aid in Emergency and Crisis” is predominantly practical and based on many years of working experience with crisis and emergency situations. The program includes international practices of Great Britain and Israel. It will be useful for representatives of such professions as teachers, social workers, volunteers, doctors, psychologists - as well as for anyone who wants to learn how to provide the first psychological help. The course in is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Effective work in social networks begins with an understanding of the online communication nature. The Internet has its own language and includes special slang, memes and specific rules of communication. Visual images and high-quality content play an outstanding role. “Understanding Social Media. Course for Journalists” explains how to work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social networks. The course is designed for marketing managers, journalists and editors from the post-Soviet time. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Nowadays, most of us have access to the Internet and we can’t imagine our life without Global network. And such trends hive a lot of opportunities for hackers, who are constantly looking for weaknesses to manipulate with data. We are all endangered, and that is why we need to acquire cyber security skills to protect ourselves, our family and individual projects. The online course “Cyber Security in a Digital World” gives all the necessary information and explains how to avoid becoming a victim of hackers. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.