Civic Education in Ukraine

Online courses

The first experience of the Open University of Maidan (OUM) activities helped us to make several important conclusions. First of all, our team should apply different approaches and observe the issues from different perspectives to implement changes as it is hard to realize what will be needed in the process, what programs should be outlined and how to establish a systematic approach in one’s studying. Gained experience supported us in our decision to create “Concerned Activist’s School” educational program. This school is the result of facilitators', psychologists', activists', and leaders’ work. Implementing the experience of 26 events we had held all over Ukraine, we transformed the School into a branch of massive open online courses that provide a balanced and comprehensive base of knowledge about public activism, have straight structure and deliver simple and precise messages.
It is extremely crucial that “Concerned Activist’s School” as many other complex programs by the OUM is always changing and adopting concerning demands of the society and patterns of its development. But how does it actually works? If you are interested in one of our massive open online courses and sign up for it, our platform automatically signs you up for all the online courses of this program. Complex programs require not only the successful ending of the particular online courses but final assignment completing. When you end the course you may get your Certificate. This part contains complex solutions of the issues in the civil society sphere. The main objective of the complex programs is to help us with an efficient understanding of the courses and experts effectiveness in answering complicated questions that are on your list. Topics of our courses may correlate with your particular problems and may be instrumental in the troubleshooting process. The platform creates new opportunities for those responsible and active members of the communities who are ready to change themselves and their communities. Choose your program now and enjoy the education process on the OUM!

«Human rights» is the topic that was under active discussion during the Revolution of Dignity that took place in Ukraine in February 2014. Ukraine received a chance to build a democratic country where human rights are respected. An integral part of this process is legal education. A person who knows one's rights is no longer defenseless. This course is for those who want to discover legal standards, to learn the values that lie in the international human rights system, and understand the significance of human rights in the transformation of modern Ukraine. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
It happens that a person deals with an uncertain situation, in which there is no clear right or wrong answer, but it is necessary to make decisions. Using creative thinking skills may be the best solution in this way. In the nearest future, the quantity of uncertain situations that will require non-standard approaches will only increase. There well-known that experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos have included creative thinking in the top 5 required competencies of the coming decade. Creative thinking is called as out-of-the-box thinking, meaning thinking outside of patterns. This course is useful to those who are ready for lifelong education and want successfully applying their knowledge in a variety of spheres, including business, community, education, science, management and military affairs. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Social entrepreneurship is becoming an important trend in the world and in Ukraine. This phenomenon means there is no division between business, the public and social sector. Social entrepreneurship is the business of tomorrow, because it allows you to generate income and solve social problems, creating an unlimited space for the human development potential. In spite of the existing problems, dozens of social enterprises are already successfully working in Ukraine and their experience is presented in the course. On real Ukrainian examples, the course discovers you what is the design thinking and explains how to apply this methodology and create your own social entrepreneurship. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course is for the people who are interested in applying stories in the business and social life. This interactive course allows developing both - an educational and creative skills. Using them you can refine your ability to analyze, design and transfer your experience in stories and in such a way improve your communicative and public speaking skills. Stories are easier for perception and information that’s delivered through stories is remembered much better. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
It is well-known that Ukrainian politicians are not willing to represent the people of Ukraine. They artfully use logical errors to manipulate public opinion and apply knowledge about cognitive distortions in order to raise their ratings. The future of Ukraine depends on our readiness to think critically and such skills are necessary, just like the ability to read and write. The course provides an opportunity to master the basic skills of critical thinking in a short time. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course provides information about the 15 most useful open electronic registries in Ukraine. It shows step-by-step instructions on how to use each resource and illustrates all the benefits. The course is predominantly practical. The lecturer - Artem Romanyukov is chairman of one of the most effective Ukrainian anti-corruption organizations "Platform of Public Control", which reveals corruption among officials and deputies. He is an author and co-author of numerous investigations of corruption crimes which were detected due to using open registers and open data.   The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
“Intelligent Listening” is an interesting course that includes knowledge and aspects of such sciences like philosophy, history, linguistics, music, poetry and painting. It is developed for active people - students, managers, community leaders who are thinking about life and have a desire and ability to improve something in this country. The audio and video materials, classical music are included into the course to help to reveal the nature of listening. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
The purpose of this course is to give people - non-financiers an understanding of the essence and logic of credits. There are issues under consideration:
  • Why people need credits and what is credit in Ukrainian reality?
  • How to identify credit manipulation?
  • How to determine the cost of a credit?
  • How to understand why some credits are more expensive than others?
The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
The course allows learning sign language that people with hearing problem use to communicate. It explains what is deafness, social problems of hearing impaired people have, discovers the concept of an inclusive society and the principle of equality. The course is in Ukrainian and Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
The basis of the course is an analysis of cases and examples of successful public activism in Ukraine. Minimum of theory and maximum of practice on how citizens can solve problems, thereby changing their community, their city or the country through their active position and desire. The course consists of 12 modules and includes the experience of the course authors and special guest speakers – people who have achieved great success in changing the situation in Ukraine for the better. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.