Civic Education in Ukraine

Online courses

The first experience of the Open University of Maidan (OUM) activities helped us to make several important conclusions. First of all, our team should apply different approaches and observe the issues from different perspectives to implement changes as it is hard to realize what will be needed in the process, what programs should be outlined and how to establish a systematic approach in one’s studying. Gained experience supported us in our decision to create “Concerned Activist’s School” educational program. This school is the result of facilitators', psychologists', activists', and leaders’ work. Implementing the experience of 26 events we had held all over Ukraine, we transformed the School into a branch of massive open online courses that provide a balanced and comprehensive base of knowledge about public activism, have straight structure and deliver simple and precise messages.
It is extremely crucial that “Concerned Activist’s School” as many other complex programs by the OUM is always changing and adopting concerning demands of the society and patterns of its development. But how does it actually works? If you are interested in one of our massive open online courses and sign up for it, our platform automatically signs you up for all the online courses of this program. Complex programs require not only the successful ending of the particular online courses but final assignment completing. When you end the course you may get your Certificate. This part contains complex solutions of the issues in the civil society sphere. The main objective of the complex programs is to help us with an efficient understanding of the courses and experts effectiveness in answering complicated questions that are on your list. Topics of our courses may correlate with your particular problems and may be instrumental in the troubleshooting process. The platform creates new opportunities for those responsible and active members of the communities who are ready to change themselves and their communities. Choose your program now and enjoy the education process on the OUM!

Plast is a Ukrainian scout organization. Due to self-development in Plast, the future generation of new Ukrainians is being raised today. Plast allows to master the many important skills such as leadership, stress susceptibility, responsibility and many others. This course is especially interesting for those who want to be a part of the Ukrainian Scout movement. During the course, participants learn the organization history, values ​​and tasks of Plast, the role of a volunteer in the organization, the peculiarities of the methodology of education. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
It is widely known that civil society is an integral part of a developed democratic state. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the main points that influence its formation, as well as facilitate the establishment of effective dialogue and interaction with the authorities. This course helps participants to form a practical understanding of how people can engage in policy development processes at the local and national levels. In addition, the course guests are well-known activists and public figures who will share their experience to implement changes using existing instruments of influence. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
It is possible to change the situation in Ukraine for the better when citizens take responsibility and start to control and influence the situation, and not only through elections. Each citizen has to set a question where and how the budget funds are spent and how the communal property of the community is managed. Taxes must work for people and so citizens must carefully monitor all such activities, because it affects the lives of every citizen, every family. This course shows how to control public procurement and operations with public / communal property. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course is developed to help companies effectively form and strengthen their team. Respect for human rights, equality in the workplace, non-discrimination is an important factor that can be used as strong motivation. Such approaches have been implemented by international companies and can easily be mastered by Ukrainians. The course shows how to create an atmosphere of trust and respect for the work team and resolve conflicts that are provoked by misunderstandings and stereotypes. The course helps participants develop a policy of equality for their business and learn how to use non-monetary motivation methods. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course is not about yoga, mediums or mass media. It considers an effective communication that allows to find a solution that satisfies both sides of the communication process. The course provides basic concepts of mediation methods and presents effective ways of conflict solving. This course is for those who want to understand their own desires, and also meet the other person needs. It is also for those who deal with conflict situations and want to learn how to solve them. The use of some mediation methods becomes clear immediately after the course completion. All interested people are provided with special opportunities for further trainings. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course is developed for people aged over 30 who are interested in professional development and personal branding. The course deals with personal values ​​and their analysis that determine what a person should focus on. People who have different values ​​will not be able to work together and implement collaborative projects. Working with values ​​gives motivation to overcome the difficulties and the basis for making sustainable decisions. The course provides practical advice and methods to analyze existing activities, draw conclusions and plan further steps. It helps people to make their own decisions, and does not check knowledge and skills. The course is in Russian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Nowadays, career development has its own peculiarities. It is difficult to predict which professions will be in demand in 5 years. Even more it should be taken into account that some of them has not been created yet. Moreover, the life cycle of some professors is very short and that is troubling as one may lose a job. So, how can people plan a career? This course explains the issues of the career development and will be useful for students and for those who only choose the future profession or change it - young professionals, experienced professionals, executives, and educated managers. The course does not consider aspects of how to find a job, write a CV, or to be prepared for an interview. The focus is on career planning and its development. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
This course  is developed for managers who want to improve their skills in the quick analysis of financial information. It explains how to make the decisions in launching products and stopping sales of the existing ones, to calculate the best moment for replacing equipment, to hire new staff and others. Based on the analysis of available financial information, the course shows how to make decisions effectively, what indicators should be considered, how to calculate them and what factors one has to take into account. Financial materials are provided in the comprehensive manner making this course clear and simple for general understanding, The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
It is well known that values determine human behavior. Most of our values are formed at the age of 12-14 years old. The world is changing rapidly. Historical events, economic crises, social processes, technology development have a significant impact on how our life changes every 15-20 years. Nevertheless, we are surprised that people of various ages often can’t find an understanding and look at the same things in very different ways. This phenomenon is explained by the theory of generations. According to this theory, every 20 years a new generation of people is formed. These generations have different life perceptions, values, differing views on family building, careers, relaxation, communication with friends and interaction with each other. These and many other interesting issues are considered in this course. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.
Citizens should clearly understand the mechanism of public control to influence local authorities effectively. The course explains how to analyze the work of local authorities, to get assess with their documents and evaluate their decisions. It shows how to defend citizen’s rights and control the authorities when they act against the law. To the end people are starting to realize that the control of local authorities is the citizens' responsibility. The public control activates communities, develops self-government, presents actual democracy and show its work in practice. The task of the course is to promote the development of such activities. The course is in Ukrainian. It is freely accessible and open to everyone.